Cal Gastó building in El Tarter will be renovated

photo: govern

The Government of Andorra , on the proposal of the head of Culture, Youth and Sports, Olga Gelabert, has approved the granting of subsidies (aimed at implementing measures of integrated conservation, restoration, maintenance and improvement of the cultural heritage of 2018) to two restoration projects in Cal Gastó, in El Tarter in Andorra (Pyrenees) for an amount of 78,181 euros.

In this way, 71,857.90 euros will be subsidized during the second phase of the rehabilitation and reform project with the change in use of Cal Gastó and with 6,324 euros being spent on the restoration of various movable assets of this same house.

Cal Gastó is one of the most outstanding examples of traditional Andorran architecture. It is a farmhouse, complemented by a series of buildings such as courts and stables, which belongs to the neighborhood of El Tarter and is located at the Costa department.

It is one of the oldest houses in the valleys of Andorra, which is already cited in documentation from the fourteenth century period to which the oldest part of the building belongs. Later, at the beginning of the 18th century, it was renovated and enlarged, and in 1828 the stone balcony with its own roof was added which gives the house its characteristic aspect that has remained until today.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has initiated the procedure to include Cal Gastó and its agri-food attachments in the second section of the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage, which means that the house and the estates are protected or cataloged with the category well inventory.

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