Cabezac castle (fr. Château de Cabezac) vineyards are located in the municipalities of Bize-Minervois, Agel and Ginestas, Aude department, OccitaniaFrance.

A castle rooted in the history of France at the crossroads of tourist roads to Narbonne, Montpellier, Beziers and Carcassonne.

Château Cabezac has built a reputation as a producer of wines of excellent quality. The vines are classified under the Minervois protected designation, and cover different types of terroir which make it possible to produce some remarkably characteristic vintages.

The Chateau Cabezac domaine is housed in an old winery building dating back to the year 1900, renovated with taste and care thanks to the vision of owner Gontran Dondain and its architect. The style is both traditional and contemporary, combining noble materials such as wood, metal and glass.

Address: 23 Hameau de Cabezac, 11120 Bize-Minervois, France

Monday 10AM–1PM, 2–6:30PM
Tuesday 10AM–1PM, 2–6:30PM
Wednesday 10AM–1PM, 2–6:30PM
Thursday 10AM–1PM, 2–6:30PM
Friday 10AM–1PM, 2–6:30PM
Saturday 10AM–1PM, 2–6:30PM
Sunday Closed

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