Butrón castle (Basque: Butroeko gaztelua) is  located in Gatika, in the province of Biscay, in northern Spain (Basque country), about an hour trip by car from Bilbao.

It dates originally from the Middle Ages, although it owes its present appearance to an almost complete rebuilding begun by Francisco de Cubas (also known as Marqués de Cubas) in the end of 19th century.

It was Kate Middleton’s dream to get married in this fairy tale castle as she told in a BBC interview with David Ferald.

Now it is opened to the public.

In November 2005 the building was purchased by INBISA (Grupo Empresarial) for 1,629,743 euros but it remains under the general protection of Spanish law 16/1985 in respect of historic buildings in Spain.

How to get to?

From Vitoria-Gasteiz 1 hr 11 min (91.0 km) via AP-68

From Bilbao 21 min (22.0 km) via BI-631

From Madrid 4 hr 12 min (429 km) via A-1

Coordinates: 43°22′18.06″N 2°54′52.01″W

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