Business conditions in Andorra for private art galleries, including taxation, are more favorable than in other EU countries, says the owner of the new Andorran art gallery Francisco Herreros

Francisco Herreros

A new private art gallery showcasing the exhibition “Over-Night Sensation” opened yesterday in Andorra la Vella. The owner of the gallery Francisco Herreros told why he decided to open it in Andorra:

“I began some years ago by establishing shops for artists here in Andorra, where I sold canvases, paints, brushes, stretchers, easels – it was the first and the only store in Andorra with a full range of products for artists. A year ago I decided to open a private gallery. The main reason for this decision is the fact that business conditions in Andorra, including taxation, are more favorable than in other EU countries.

This year, the Government of Andorra has also approved amendments to the Customs Code of the Principality, which provides the possibility of not having to pay custom duties on art pieces which have been temporarily imported into its territory, if the purpose of the import is for public or private exhibitions.

The amendments were adopted for the opening of the exhibition of the Museum Carmen Thyssen, which will open its doors to visitors in March 2017. However, this solution, generally speaking, is aimed at stimulating the development of Andorra’s cultural, economic and tourist cooperation with other countries.

Every two months our exhibition will be updated. Each exhibition will include the works of a sculptor and a painter. Importantly, each exhibition will be presented by one Andorran artist and one foreigner.

We started with an exhibition of the Andorran sculptor Angel Calvente’s work and Peruvian painter Juan Carlos Zeballos Moscairo’s. The next artists will be an Andorran sculptor and a Cuban artist.

Angel Calvente graduated from art school in Granada, then studied sculpture in the art studio of Joaquim Camps in Barcelona. He represented Andorra in the International Ice Sculpture competition in Quebec, Canada, and participated in the International Symposium of bronze sculptures in China. His works can be found in art lovers private collections in Andorra, the UK, Brazil, France, Spain, China, Portugal, Canada and Brussels, the US and China.

Juan Carlos Zeballos Moscairo graduated from the University of Pernambuco (Pernambuco, Brazil). His works are exhibited in the Art Museum of the Americas (Florida)Latin Art Museum (California), Alfredo Guati Rojo National Watercolor Museum (Mexico)la Fundación Oswaldo Goeldi (Brasil), as well as in private collections in Europe, Asia and America.

Each exhibition will be relocated after its’ time in Andorra. This exhibition will go to Madrid, then to Barcelona, Lisbon and Amsterdam.

We have also opened a private art school in Andorra, in which you can participate in various activities. There is a fine arts school for children aged 7 upwards, a school for illustration and caricature, a school for painting (oil and watercolor) and a school for sculpture. Tuition fees are 40 euros per month (which includes four classes).


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