Buñol castle had an important strategic position on the border of the kingdoms of Castile and Valencia

Buñol Castle (11th – 12th centuries) in the Valencian Community is a Christian fortress that is located in the center of the town, in its highest part, on two rocky massifs where there was a previous Islamic settlement.

From the castle ran the royal road of Madrid, in the border zone between the kingdoms of Castile and Valencia and Hoya de Buñol, therefore the castle had an important strategic position.

Buñol is a town and municipality in the province of Valencia, Spain. The municipality has an area of some 112 km², and is situated approximately 38 km west of the provincial and autonomous community capital city, Valencia. It lies along the Buñol River and is surrounded by the mountain ranges La Sierra de Las Cabrillas, la Sierra de Dos Aguas and la Sierra de Malacara y Martés.

It was built in the 13th century, abandoned in the 19th century and recovered. It is a residential complex.

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