Bultaco Biflecha 250 cc (1973). 

Bultaco is a brand of a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer founded by Francisco Bultó.

Pere Permanyer and Francisco Xavier Bultó Marqués (Sete Gibernau Bultó’s grandfather), better known as Don Paco, founded the Montesa motorcycle brand in 1944. Don Paco left this company due to the abandonment of the competition. Don Paco believed that innovation in motorcycles was closely linked to the world of competition and he founded Bultaco in Barcelona on May 17, 1958.

The name of the brand is Bultó’s own invention (many people mistakenly believe that it is due to the Gibraltar pilot John Grace, who thought a combination of the founder’s last name BULTÓ and his name PACO would be nice), who had been using it since years ago as his home telegraphic address. The logo, conceived by Don Paco, is a thumb sign that everything is going well.

The first model was a sports bike called the Bultaco Tralla 101.

Moto Bassella museum, CataloniaPyreneesSpain

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