Building of the Krigskomissariat in Moscow

The building of the Krigskomissariat (also New Krigskomissariat) is a landmark building in Moscow, located at the address: Central Administrative District, Kosmodamianskaya Embankment on Moskva river, Building 24/1.

A cultural heritage site of federal significance.

From the 17th century to the 18th century, according to legend, there was a manor, also known as Biron’s palace. In the middle of the XVIII century, the territory went to the military department. In 1731, the Moscow office of the Kriegskommissariat (the Military Commissariat) was built, which was in charge of supplying the army (central office was located in St. Petersburg).

From 1778 to 1780, the old house was demolished and a new one was built, with the participation of architects N. N. Legrand and V. I. Bazhenov (presumably). In 1797, the Moscow Krigskomissariat was transferred to St. Petersburg.

According to the official version, on December 23, 1953, Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria was shot here. In the courtyard there is a bunker in which Beria was kept until the execution of his sentence, his records and place of residence have been preserved, and the bunker itself has been turned into a museum.

Today there are several small institutions of the Ministry of Defence of Russia.

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Nearest metro: Paveletskaya.


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