Buick Le Sabre Custom Hardtop Coupe 5.7L V-8 Hydra-Matic (aut. 3) , model year 1975, version for North America

Buick Le Sabre Custom Coupe 5.7 L V8 Hydra-Matic, 160 hp (aut. 3), model year 1975, version for North America

The Buick LeSabre is a full-size car made by the division Buick of General Motors from 1959 until 2005. Prior to 1959, this position had been retained by the full-size Buick Special model (1936–58). The “LeSabre”, which is French for “the sabre”, was Buick’s mid-level full-size sedan above the Special but below the Electra during the 1960s then remained in its market position when the Electra was replaced with the Park Avenue. The LeSabre was available as a 2-door convertible, sedan or hardtop, a 4-door sedan or hardtop and station wagon throughout its production.

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