Buick Six (USA, 1941). Mosfilm studio museum, Moscow. Took part in the movies “Tehran-43”, “Kill Stalin”, “Love to you, as a disaster”, “Lyudmila”.

The Buick Six was a top level automobile produced by GM’s Buick Division which was first introduced in 1914, and was the senior vehicle to the Buick Series B Four. It was an all new platform which was shared with the Oldsmobile Six and was the first Buick to implement a steering wheel on the left side, and electric starter provided by Delco Remy along with an electric lighting system and electric Klaxon horn.

The various body styles were supplied by Fisher Body of Detroit, MI. In 1925, it was updated with both the Buick Master Six and the Buick Standard Six when the four-cylinder engine platform was cancelled. During this time period, Oldsmobile introduced the Light Eight, sourced and shared from the Cadillac Type 51 while Buick chose to stay with the smooth running six-cylinder engine, while Cadillac didn’t offer a six-cylinder engine till several decades later.

Buick was the only GM product to use the exclusive overhead valve engine however. Chevrolet didn’t become a division until 1918. The list of available body styles was extensive, listing 14 different choices. The top level choice for 1925 was the 7 passenger Town Car for US$2,925 ($48,809 in 2022 dollars).

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