Bugatti Torpedo Type 17 from 1914, four cylinders, 1368 cc, 18 HP, 95 km/h

The Bugatti Type 17 is a first production car from the car manufacturer Bugatti, a road variant (with the Bugatti Type 15) of the competition Bugatti Type 13, designed by Ettore Bugatti between 1910 and 19142.

Ettore Bugatti successfully presented his first production models at the 1910 Paris Motor Show, Bugatti Type 13 (victorious in numerous competitions) and his road variants Bugatti Type 15 and Bugatti Type 17.

The Bugatti Type 15 and Type 17 use the 4-cylinder in-line ACT 8-valve engine chassis of the Bugatti Type 13, with a wheelbase extended by 2,400 mm4, and a length extended from 3,200 to 3,350 mm for the Type 175.6, to adapt variants of road torpedo or sedan bodies.

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