Bugatti Roadster Type 55 from 1935 by Erdmann & Rossi

Bugatti Roadster Type 55 from 1935, bodied by Erdmann & Rossi, eight cylinders, 2261 cc, 160 HP, 180 km/h.

Erdmann & Rossi was originally a coachbuilding company based in Berlin, Germany. In the early half of the 20th century, the company became known for the manufacture of chassis used on luxury vehicles. After the devastation of World War II, the company was unable to recover financially.

The Bugatti Type 55 is a sports car produced by Bugatti from 1932 to 1935. It is a road-going version of the Type 51 Grand Prix car. A roadster, it had a 108.3 in (2750 mm) wheelbase and 1800 lb (816 kg) weight.

The Type 55 is powered by a detuned version of the Type 51’s 2.3 L (2262 cc/138 in³) 2-valve DOHC straight-8 engine with a Roots-type supercharger. It produces 130 hp (96 kW) at 5000 rpm. Differences from the Type 51’s engine include the addition of a camshaft driven AC mechanical petrol pump and a modified supercharger drive.

The compression ratio was also lowered by the use of a larger 9 mm (0.3 in) compression plate (the Type 51 used a 6 mm (0.2 in) plate). The car’s 4-speed manual transmission came from the Type 49 touring car and featured straight cut gears. The car also wore the signature Bugatti eight spoke aluminum wheels.

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