The budget deficit-2018 will be less than 1% of GDP

01.11.2017   //  By:   //  All news, Business and Economy

The -2018 will be less than 1% of GDP, reported the Minister of Finance of Andorra Jordi Cinca. In the draft presented, the deficit is 25.69 million euros.

The part of the budget-2018 will amount to 425,231,642.06 euros, the part – 450,919,283 euros. The revenue side of the budget will increase by 2.44% compared to 2017. This increase will be due to the growth of indirect taxes by 3.97%, as well as direct taxes by 0.29%.

Budget expenditures will grow by 2.59% compared to the previous year. The most of the funds will be spent on health reform of SAAS.