Main bridges and embankments of St. Petersburg

Within the boundaries of St. Petersburg there are many (93 in total) rivers and canals (with a total length of about 300 km) and about 100 reservoirs (lakes, ponds, artificial reservoirs), with approximately 800 bridges (excluding bridges on the territories of industrial enterprises), including 218 pedestrian ones.

There are more than 342 bridges in the city limits of St. Petersburg.

Peter the Great was designing the city as another Amsterdam and Venice, with canals instead of streets and citizens skillful in sailing.

Initially, there were only about ten bridges constructed in the city, mainly across ditches and minor creeks. By Peter’s plans, in the summer months, the citizens were supposed to move around in boats, and in the winter months when the water froze to move in sledges. However, after Peter’s death, new bridges were built, as it was a much easier way of transportation. Temporary ponton bridges were used in the summertime. The first permanent bridge of bricks and stones across the main branch of the Neva river appeared in 1850.

TOP historic and tourist bridges (48)

Neva and its streams

Neva and its most tourist embankments

Fontanka river and its embankment

Griboyedov Canal and its embankment

Moyka river and its embankment

Kryukov Canal and its embankment

Matveev Bridge

Decembrists Bridge

Winter Canal and its embankment

Hermitage bridge

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