Bridge across the Petrovsky fairway

Bridge across the Petrovsky fairway – a road metal cable-stayed bridge across the Petrovsky fairway (Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland) in St. Petersburg, part of the intracity toll highway Western High-Speed Diameter (3SD). Built in 2013-2016.

This is a toll bridge; walking and cycling is prohibited on the bridge.

The operation of the Western High-Speed Diameter until 2042 within the framework of a 30-year concession is carried out by Northern Capital Highway LLC.

Gazprom Arena is located near the bridge. The nearest metro station is Zenith.

Five-span steel-reinforced concrete two-pylon cable-stayed bridge. Bridge layout: 60 + 110 + 240 + 110 + 60 m. In plan view, the bridge is located on a straight line and two transition curves, in profile – on a convex curve with a radius of 10 km.

Underbridge dimensions: bottom 166 x 25 m and top – 80 x 25 m. The total length of the bridge is 580 m, width – 50 m (carriageway width 35 m).

The bridge is designed for vehicular traffic. The carriageway of the bridge includes 8 traffic lanes (4 in each direction).

Upstrean is Betancourt Bridge.

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