Bookings for Easter skyrocket is expected to be low in all international tourist hotspots of Catalonia

In BarcelonaCataloniaSpain, bookings are not picking up as much as in the inland and Pyrenees, because most of the visitors in the capital (83%) are international.

Some hotels, like 5 Star Mandarin Oriental, are beginning to open after a year without guests, and the lift of county-level lockdown has prompted more tickets sold for theatres and other shows.

The same low activity is expected to be recorded in the near future in typical international tourist hotspots, like Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava).

For instance, reservations in Costa del Garraf could reach 50% of the total capacity and with significantly lower prices than usual – in a normal pre-Covid spring weekend figures were around 70%.

In the Tarragona area, given the severe weather expected for this weekend, the activity is expected to be very low and at Easter, inland areas will gather more visitors than the coast. Meanwhile in Costa del Maresme, north of Barcelona, most hotels will still be closed and local – and obviously international – tourists are not expected yet.

As for campsites, the activity is expected to be very low in the upcoming weekend.

Rural places offering open-air activities are more popular.

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