Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge

The Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge in Moscow is a single-span steel arch bridge across the Moscow River. It is located on the Garden Ring highway between Taganskaya Square and Nizhnyaya Krasnokholmskaya Street. It was built in 1938 according to the project of engineer V. M. Vakhurkin and architect V. D. Kokorin (according to other sources – according to the project of G. P. Golts and D. M. Sobolev).

The arch of the Bolshoi Krasnokholmsky Bridge, 168 m long, is the largest in the center of Moscow. The bridge was built as part of the implementation of the master plan for the reconstruction of the city of Moscow.

The new bridge (which still exists today) was laid at an angle of 55° to the fairway, eliminating the kink in the Garden Ring. Initially, it was planned to build a suspension bridge, but the combination of a suspension scheme and an acute angle between the routes of the bridge and the river seemed risky, and the bridge was built according to the single-span arch scheme traditional for Moscow. The main span consists of seven parallel crescent-shaped steel arches SDS (Special, Palace of the Soviets), each 168 meters long with a camber of 10.68 meters. The total consumption of steel is 6,000 tons, 890 kilograms per square meter of roadway.

Coastal pylons rest on four concrete caissons 35.6×15.0 meters each. The caissons are buried 11.5-13.0 meters below the river level. The total length of the bridge with approaches is 725.5 meters, width is 40.0 meters (8 traffic lanes).

In 2005-2007 the bridge was reconstructed with a complete replacement of the roadbed.

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Nearest metro: Taganskaya, Paveletskaya.

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