BMW 2002: blue color

The BMW 02 Series is a range of compact executive cars produced by German automaker BMW between 1966 and 1977, based on a shortened version of the New Class Sedans.

The first 02 Series produced was the 1600-2 (later renamed 1602) in 1966. In 1975, the 02 Series was replaced by the E21 3 Series (except for the 1502 model which continued until 1977).

The 1600-2, as the first “02 Series” BMW was designated, was an entry-level BMW, and was smaller, less expensive, and less well-appointed than the New Class Sedan on which it was based.

BMW’s design director Wilhelm Hofmeister assigned the two-door project to staff designers Georg Bertram and Manfred Rennen. With 5 cm (2 in) shorter wheelbase and some 25 cm (10 in) shorter in length, mainly by shortening the rear deck, the lighter weight of the two-door made it more suitable than the original New Class sedan for sporting purposes. As a result, the two door sedan became the basis of the sporting 02 Series.

Beginning in 1967, a convertible based on the 02 body was built by Karosserie Baur. The original design was a full convertible; after 1971 this was replaced by a targa-top model with fixed window frames called a “top cabriolet” (commonly referred to as a cabrio coach). A hatchback, called the Touring model, was developed from the 02 body, being available from 1971. Only 25,827 Touring models were sold before the bodystyle was discontinued in 1974.

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