Blue Isotta Fraschini Sedan Type 8A from 1925 by Cesare Sala

Blue Isotta Fraschini Berline Type 8A from 1925, eight cylinders, 7373 cc, 120 HP, 130 km/h.

This Type 8A was a favourite car of Rudolph Valentino, an Italian actor based in the United States who starred in several well-known silent films.

Carrozzeria Italiana Cesare Sala was a Milan-based coachbuilder. They provided carriages for the Vienna court and bodies for Isotta Fraschini automobiles.

The Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A is a luxury car made by the Italian manufacturer Isotta Fraschini from 1924 until 1931. It was the successor to the Tipo 8 model, with a new 7.3 litre straight-eight engine to replace the 5.9 litre unit used in the previous model. This new engine could produce 115–160 metric horsepower (85–118 kW). This was the most powerful mass-produced straight-8 engine in the world at that time. The Tipo 8A was offered only with bare chassis and engine for the coachbuilders.

The Isotta Fraschini car company promised that every car could do 150 km/h (93 mph). The car was very luxurious and it cost more than a Model J Duesenberg. Around one third of these cars were sold in the United States. The characteristic car body was made by Swiss manufacturer Carrosserie Worblaufen.

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