Blue Bugatti T30 Torpedo from 1922, 70 HP, 1991 cc, 135 km/h, 500 copies made

The Bugatti Type 30 is a sports car from the car manufacturer Bugatti, the brand’s first production in-line 8-cylinder car, available as the Bugatti Type 29 Grand Prix. Presented at the Paris Grand Palais Motor Show in 1922, 585 units were manufactured until 1926.

To succeed his 1910 Bugatti Type 13 Brescia 4-cylinder 16-valve engines, Ettore Bugatti created a new 8-cylinder in-line ACT engine, based on 2 Type 13 4-cylinder engines, which he experimented with on his Bugatti Type 14 prototypes from 1912 and Bugatti Type 28 from 1921.

The Bugatti Type 30 together with 100 hp Bugatti Type 29 (7 units, with cigar-shaped bodies) took part in the following international competitions, among others:

1922: 1922 French Grand Prix (2nd, 3rd and 5th positions)
1922: 1922 Italian Grand Prix (3rd)
1923: 1923 Indianapolis 500 (12th)

The Bugatti Type 32 succeeded it in 1923, followed by the Bugatti Type 35 in 1924 (with evolutions of the same engine, for a legendary historical record of more than 2000 international victories in competition).

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