Blue Bugatti Brescia from 1923 with four cylinders (1500 cc). Max. speed: 125 km/h. Made in France

Type 13 Brescia

A Grand Prix for Voiturettes at Le Mans was the only French event of 1920, and Bugatti entered the two completed cars from Milan and one more from the remaining parts. Ettore’s illegal act of placing a hand on the radiator cap during the race brought disqualification to the leading car, however.

The Type 13 was unbeatable. Bugatti’s cars finished in the top four places at the Brescia Grand Prix in 1921, and orders poured in. Capitalizing on this victory, all subsequent four-valve Bugatti models bore the Brescia moniker.

These were the only Bugatti models to locate the carburettor on the left side of the engine and the exhaust on the right. Front-wheel brakes were added in 1926.

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