Black Renault Coach Type Bertin from 1969

Black Renault Coach Type Bertin from 1969, four cylinders, 743 cc, 32 HP, 110 km/h

Engineer Jean Bertin realized a SMART type dimensions cars in the mid-1960s, based on the Renault 4.

The car was shortened by 74 centimetres by cutting out all metal between the A and C pillars, welding the pieces together again. This reduced the wheelbase from 2.40 to 1.66 metres, giving the R4 a total length of 2.93 metres, and thus making the car even shorter than a Mini or a Fiat 500. Two adults still have plenty of space in the front although entry is a bit tight. The weight has decreased by 50- to 60kgs while the turning circle of just over 7 meters is very useful in urban conditions.

In 2011, the Renault 4 Bertin was restored with the help of Renault Classic and the Bugatti High School in Illzach.


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