Black Bentley Coach MK6 (Mark VI) from 1948, six cylinders, 4257 cc, 130 HP, 160 km/h. The Mark VI was the first Bentley produced in the news Rolls-Royce factory in Crewe after 1945. The car was bodied by Köng in Bazel, Switzerland.

The Bentley Mark VI is an automobile from Bentley which was produced from 1946 until 1952.

The Mark VI 4-door standard steel sports saloon was the first post-war luxury car from Bentley. Announced in May 1946 and produced from 1946 to 1952 it was also both the first car from Rolls-Royce with all-steel coachwork and the first complete car assembled and finished at their factory. These very expensive cars were a genuine success; long-term, their weakness lay in the inferior steels forced on them by government’s post-war controls.

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