Black Bentley Bentayga: W12

The Bentley Bentayga is a luxury SUV produced by British marque Bentley Motors. Introduced in late 2015, it is the brand’s first sport utility vehicle, and is considered one of the most luxurious models in that segment. Its body is manufactured at the Volkswagen Zwickau-Mosel Plant in Germany, then painted and assembled at Bentley Motor’s factory in Crewe, United Kingdom.

W12 version

The 2016 Bentayga was launched with (and was first to receive) Bentley’s new twin-turbo W12 engine. The engine was fitted with variable displacement technology and could deactivate 6 of the engine’s 12 cylinders if needed. Bentley claimed the 6.0 L capable of 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) in 4.0 seconds, 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 4.1 s, and a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h).

A second, more powerful version of the twin-turbo W12 was introduced for the Bentayga Speed in 2020 helping the car to achieve a claimed 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) of 3.9 s.

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