Black Amilcar CGSS from 1926 with four cylinders (1074 cc). Max. speed: 110 km/h. Made in France

The Amilcar CGSS (or CGSs) was a sporting car made by the Amilcar company from 1926 to 1929. The second S stood for surbaisse and the car was a lowered version of the CGS.

Isadora Duncan, the American dancer, died in a CGSS when her silk scarf became entangled in the open-spoked wheels.


The 1,074 cc four-cylinder engine from the CGS was fitted, but in a slightly higher state of tune, delivering 35 hp (26 kW). It was also available with a Cozette supercharger for those who needed more power. Thus equipped, a CGSS won the 1927 Monte Carlo Rally. Driven by Lefebvre, it started from Königsberg (today’s Kaliningrad).

4,700 of the CGS and CGSS were made.

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