The 37th bike ride through the passes of Andorran Pyrenees will take place on July 6

bike-rideThe 37th bike ride through the passes of Andorran Pyrenees will take place on July 6. The event starts from 8.30  at “Gran” park , Prat-del-Collate (La Massana) and finishes at 17.30 at Coma-d’Arcalis (Ordino) at the height of 2225m.

Andorran bike ride—is a bike touristic event; any adult bicyclist, irrespectable  to sporting club membership, can participate in it.

The 37th bike ride will traditionally become a real holiday for bicyclist; difficult routes combined with inseparable Pyrenees landscapes are prepared for the participants. The ride will go through the roadway. There are three routes of different grades of difficulty, including the route for bicycle sport beginners.

Short route: the length –80km, positive altitude differences—2150m.

Long route: the length—113km, positive altitude differences—3330m.

“Solidarity” route: the length—20km, positive altitude differences—800m.

Short route is a route for semi-professional bicyclists with two long mountainous passes (Col-d’Ordino and La-Cama-d’Arcalis). The participants will have a chance to recharge energies at 10 km plain tract. They  have a chance for a stop-over, when they can relax, just before the final upcoming to Arcalis (Al-Serrat).

Long route is for semi-professional and professional bicyclists, able to cope with four high-mountain passes (Col-de-la-Rabassa, Col-de-la-Camella, Col-d’Ordino and La-Coma-d’Arcalis). A high-difficulty of the route is based on big altitude differences within a relatively short distance.

Customary list of routes was amplified by a new “Solidarity” one. This is a mini-version for those bicyclists that plan to participate in the event for the first time and haven’t  got enough experience for that. The length of the route is 20 km, positive altitude difference is 800m (from Prate-del-Collate to Coma-d’Arcalis).

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