Best armored cars: ZIL 41052 Bronekapsula (armored capsule). Steel grade – 68HGSLMH. ZiL museum, Moscow

Armored luxury cars of the USSR: ZIL 41052 Bronekapsula (armored capsule). Soviet and Russian armored car of the Hi-END class with a limousine-type body. The chassis – ZIL-4104. The engine – 7.68 L. The years of production are 1984-1986.

Armored capsules were welded separately at the JSC Kurganmashzavod. In total, 25 armored capsules were made, two of which were intended for the tests. Capsules were made of steel grade 68HGSLMH. The thickness of the armor is from 4 to 10 mm. The thickness of bullet-proof glass: frontal – 43 mm, lateral and rear – 47 mm. ZiL Museum, Moscow

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