Bemo 1255 RhB Ge 6/6 I 404 Crocodile. Electric model train set

Bemo 1255 130 RhB Ge 6/6 I 404 Rhaetian Crocodile

The Rhaetian Railway Ge 6/6 I is a class of metre gauge C′C′ electric locomotives operated by the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), which is the main railway network in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The class is so named because it was the first class of locomotives of the Swiss locomotive and railcar classification type Ge 6/6 to be acquired by the Rhaetian Railway. According to that classification system, Ge 6/6 denotes a narrow gauge electric adhesion locomotive with a total of six axles, all of which are drive axles. Due to their shape – they are similar in form to the SBB-CFF-FFS Crocodiles of the Gotthard Railway – the Ge 6/6 I locomotives have also collectively been nicknamed the Rhaetian Crocodiles by rail fans. Their internal working RhB designation is C-C. As with its standard-gauge counterpart, the Ge 6/6 is articulated, with a gear-driven Jackshaft between the two end axles of each unit, connected to the drive wheels by side rods.

Brand: Bemo

Country: China

Scale: 1/8

Bateries: 2 × 75 A/h

Power: 1.5 kW

Max speed: 9 km/h

Material: plastic + metal

Weight: 160 kg

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