Bellanger Frères Type A1 from 1921. Four cylinders, 15 HP

Société des Automobiles Bellanger Frères was a French automobile manufacturer between 1912 and 1925.

The cars were the brainchild of Robert Bellinger (1884-1966), who had previously sold Delaunay-Belleville vehicles.

Robert Bellanger and his brothers founded the business in 1912 for the production of motor cars. The company was situated at Neuilly-sur-Seine on the north-western edge of Paris, in the Rue de la Révolte, today a section of the subsequently renamed Boulevard Pershing in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

The cars were branded “Bellanger” although badges carrying the longer name “Bellanger Frères” (Bellanger Brothers) was also sometimes featured on the car badges. The Bellanger slogan was “Son capot est d’argent et son silence est d’or” – “her bonnet is silver and her silence is golden”.

Robert Bellanger embarked in a career as a politician in the 1920s and the “Bellanger Frères” business was sold in 1925, one of several smaller French automakers acquired by Peugeot around this time. However, in 1928 the site was sold again, and became the property of the newly formed Automobiles L. Rosengart business and used for the production under license of the little Austin 7.

Bellanger had also started to produce aero-engines during the First World War. Despite disposing of the automotive business, Bellanger continued to produce aero-engines until 1928.

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