Belcastel is a commune in the Aveyron department in the Occitania region in Southern France (Massif Central).

The village is medieval in character, with cobbled streets and lauze-roofed (stone tiled) houses. The bulk of the village and the castle (Château de Belcastel) are situated on the steep north bank of the river Aveyron.

Several buildings including the 15th-century church are on the south side of the river, with a similarly aged bridge connecting the two.

A ruined fort, the Fort du Lourdou, can also be found about a kilometre west of the village on the south bank of the river at the Roc d’Anglars.

Belcastel was nominated as one of the “most beautiful villages of France” (Les Plus Beaux Villages de France) in 1990; the local council regularly hosts watercolour competitions and art exhibitions during the summer.

Religious architecture

  • 15th century church, dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene.
  • Tomb of Alzias de Saunhac, lord of Belcastel.

Set of 15th century statues:

  • Virgin and Child
  • Sainte Madeleine
  • Saint Christopher
  • Saint Antoine

How to get to?

From Paris: 6 hr 47 min (628 km) via A20

From Toulouse: 2 hr 3 min (157 km) via A68 and N88

From Andorra: 5 hr 21 min (391 km) via N20

From Barcelona: 5 hr 50 min (478 km) via C-16

From Madrid: 9 hr 47 min (966 km) via A-1 and A64

From Monaco: 5 hr 52 min (544 km) via A8

From Moscow: 34 hr (3,370 km) via E30/M1

From Belgrade: 18 hr 5 min (1,782 km) via E70 and A4

From Istanbul: 28 hr (2,797 km) via E70

From Bern: 7 hr 24 min (733 km) via A75

Main information

Area:  10.74 km2

Population: 192

Coordinates: 44°23′22″N 2°20′16″E

Language: French

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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