Barcelona recovers festive events such as Three Kings parade and New Year’s Eve celebrations

More than 300 shows have been organized in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) for this Christmas season. After most activities were suspended last year due to the health crisis, the city recovers many of its largest events of the festive season in 2021.

Most of these events planned are already considered traditional in the city, but the city council announced new activities on December 9, such as “La Ciutat de Nadal” in Plaça Catalunya square which will feature workshops and a stage with more than 100 artists taking part.

The city’s main Christmas market has been held at the feet of Barcelona’s Cathedral since 1786. At the Fira de Santa Llúcia, visitors will find decorations for the home as well as nativity scene figures. Open from November 26 to December 23, the festive fair has 170 small shops dedicated to Christmas.

On completely opposite sides of Barcelona, two light shows have been installed for the Christmas season. One is ‘Natura encesa’ at Pedralbes Gardens on Diagonal Avenue, while the other has been installed at Sant Pau Hospital. Both are open until January 9, and both immersive experiences are new for the holidays.

Kids will be able to see the Three Kings around Barcelona once again on the evening of January 5. At the beginning of 2021, the parade was canceled because of the pandemic, however, in 2022 authorities expect the Kings to drive around the city.

Barcelona will, once again, open the ‘Kings’ factory’ in Fabra i Coats, an old factory, between December 28 and January 4, for children to see how their gifts are being prepared before they arrive at their homes.

Plaça de Catalunya square will be the center of Christmas in Barcelona. There are more than 20 cultural projects of different artistic disciplines arranged from December 18 to 30. The event named ‘La Ciutat de Nadal’ (‘The Christmas City’) will include over 120 artists on stage offering proposals such as music, cinema, street art, and family activities.

Recently lit up, the Sagrada Família’s Virgin Mary tower features a 12-point star at the top. The star’s lights first shined on December 8, and will remain on every night until January 9.

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