Bagerque and its attractions

Bagerque (officially in Occitan: Bagergue) is a population entity of the municipality of Alto Arán, in Catalonia, Spain, province of Lleida (Pyrenees). It is considered a decentralized municipal entity, and is part of the third of Pujòlo, a territorial division used in the Arán Valley as a constituency for elections to the General Council of Arán.

Pujòlo, one of the six thirds of the Arán Valley, encompasses the former municipalities of Salardú, Gesa, Tredós and Bagerque, which belong to the municipality of Alto Arán.

Since 2019 it belongs to the Association “The most beautiful villages of Spain”, being the second town (with Beget) in Catalonia in the association.

Main attractions

The historic center is part of the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

Among its buildings, the parish church of San Félix stands out, from the 13th century, although modified in the 16th century, and the hermitage of Santa Margarita de Bagerque, one kilometer north of the town, following the river.

In the church of San Félix, of Romanesque origin, the original semicircular apse was replaced by a square presbytery and two chapels, a sacristy and a bell tower were added. Inside the nave there is a Christ from the transitional Gothic period and a pre-Romanesque funerary stele of some importance.

On Calle Mayor is the Eth Corrau museum, with more than two thousand craft objects that show part of the tradition and history of the valley. From the church of San Feliu starts the historic path that descends to the river Unhòla (Arriu Unhòla in Aranese), where it passes by a flour mill and continues to Salardú.

The GR 211 long-distance footpath passes through Bagerque, the circular path of the Arán Valley, which goes up to the town along the historic road from Salardú and continues up to Baqueira Beret ski station.

The festival of San Félix is ​​celebrated in early August, and a pilgrimage to Santa Margarita is held on July 20.

How to get to?

From Lleida 2 hr 29 min (175 km) via N-230

From Barcelona 4 hr 3 min (328 km) via A-2 and N-230

From Madrid 6 hr 30 min (595 km) via A-2

Main information

Area: 2 km²

Coordinates: 42°43′10″N 0°54′57″E

Population: 105

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Occitan

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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