The Baells is a reservoir that belongs to the Llobregat river, created by a dam located in the municipality of Cercs, which extends through the terms of Cercs, La Quar and Vilada, in the region of Berguedà (Pyrenees, CataloniaSpain).

The purpose of the dam is to regulate the upper basin of the Llobregat river, supply water to the metropolitan area of Barcelona, and also generate hydroelectric power. For a few decades, it has been a tourist attraction, with sporting events held during the summer, such as the La Baells Festival.

It is a double curvature thick vault dam, which was inaugurated on February 17, 1976. To make the dam, concrete containing pebbles of various sizes was used and, for some finishes, reinforced concrete was used.

You can practice rowing, archery and paintball in the area. The Cercs Mines Museum offers a guided tour inside the dam.

Coordinates: 42° 07′ 19″ N, 1° 52′ 42″ E

From Barcelona 1 hr 14 min (114 km) via C-16

From Madrid 6 hr 21 min (628 km) via A-2

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