Ayres Thrush

The Ayres Thrush, formerly the Snow S-2, Aero Commander Ag Commander, and Rockwell Thrush Commander, is an American agricultural aircraft produced by Ayres Corporation and more recently by Thrush Aircraft. It is one of the most successful and long-lived agricultural application aircraft types in the world, with almost 2,000 sold since the first example flew 68 years ago. Typical of agricultural aircraft, it is a single-seat monoplane of conventional taildragger configuration. Originally powered by a radial piston engine, most examples produced since the 1980s have been turboprop-powered.

The Thrush, designed by Leland Snow, first flew in 1956 and before long was being produced in series as the S-2 by the company he founded, Snow Aeronautical. In 1965, the corporation and all of its assets were purchased by the Aero Commander division of Rockwell, which put it into production alongside the CallAir A-9 that it had also acquired, branding both unrelated (though similar) machines as “Ag Commanders”. When Rockwell dropped the Aero Commander brand, the S-2 was renamed the “Thrush Commander”.

In 1977, Rockwell sold off the production rights to the aircraft and the production facility at Albany, Georgia, which were purchased by Ayres Corporation, a firm which had been built on retro-fitting turboprop engines to Thrush Commanders. On June 30, 2003, Ayres’ assets were purchased by Thrush Aircraft, the current producer of the aircraft.

The S-2 and its several variants have been purchased by agricultural spraying operators in many countries. Large numbers are operated in the United States and Australia, while other countries using the type include Costa Rica, France, Guyana, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Two Thrush 510Gs were modified to perform a counter-insurgency role by the Austrian company Airborne Technologies at the direction of Erik Prince, the former head of Blackwater, but in the absence of an export license the aircraft have not been used operationally.

Designer: Leland Snow

Manufacturer: Ayres Corporation and Thrush Aircraft (USA)

First flight: 1956

Production: +2,000

Length: 29 ft 2 in (8.89 m)

Wingspan: 44 ft 4 in (13.51 m)

Height: 9 ft 2 in (2.79 m)

Crew: one

Capacity: 400 US gal (1,500 L) liquids or 3,280 lb (1,490 kg) dry chemicals

Powerplant: 1× Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp

Maximum speed: 140 mph (230 km/h, 120 kn)

Range: 403 mi (649 km, 350 nmi)

Ceiling: 15,000 ft (4,600 m)

Weight: 3,700 lb (1,678 kg)

Rahmi M. Koç museum (Istanbul, Turkey)

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