Aurus Senat Cabriolet. Shoigu’s personal car

Aurus Senat Cabriolet. Sergei Shoigu’s (minister of defence of Russia) personal car

Aurus Senat is equipped with a hybrid power plant, including a 4.4-liter V8 petrol turbo engine developed by Porsche Engineering. It is planned to equip the model with a V12 engine developed by NAMI with a working volume of 6.6 liters, equipped with four turbochargers and having an estimated power of 830 hp.

In 2021, a hydrogen-powered prototype of the Aurus Senat FCEV electric vehicle was demonstrated (it uses an electric drive powered by fuel cells that take oxygen from the air, hydrogen from the tank and synthesize water with the release of electrical energy).

In August 2019, at the opening of the showroom in Moscow, the base cost of the Aurus Senat sedan was announced – 18 million rubles. At the end of February 2021, the administration of the official Aurus Russia group reported that preliminary contracts were concluded at a cost of 22 million rubles.

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