AUDI Quattro 200 coupe turbo from 1985. 260 HP

The Audi 100 and Audi 200 (and sometimes called Audi 5000 in North America) are primarily mid-size/executive cars manufactured and marketed by the Audi division of the Volkswagen Group. The car was made from 1968 to 1997 across four generations (C1–C4), with a two-door model available in the first and second generation (C1-C2), and a five-door model available in the last three generations (C2–C4).

The third generation Audi 100 launched in September 1982 with aerodynamic styling, contrasting the boxy styling of its predecessor, and offering a much improved drag coefficient, 0.30 on base model. The aerodynamic C3 bodywork featured pin-mounted flush windows, offering a key reduction in aerodynamic drag. Altogether, the aerodynamic body increased the fuel efficiency and top speed versus other cars of similar engine size. The C3 introduced Audi’s proprietary restraint system, marketed as procon-ten.

The 200, launched in 1983 continued as the upmarket variant with several versions of the 2.2 L turbo 5-cylinder available in different markets over its life ranging in power outputs from 165 PS (121 kW) MC engine, through the 200 PS (147 kW) versions to the final 220 PS (162 kW) 20-valve 3B engine available from 1991. The 1983 Audi 200 Turbo had a top speed of 139 mph (224 km/h). The MC turbo engine was available in the 100 as well for some markets.

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