Aston Martin Vantage (1972)

Aston Martin has used the Vantage name on a number of vehicles, normally indicating a high-performance version of another model. In one case, during 1972–1973, the Vantage was a distinct model, being a straight-6 powered version of the DBS, a car that had been launched as a straight-6 but was by that time V8-powered (as the DBS V8). Despite the Vantage nameplate, the 1972-1973 Vantage was in reality the least powerful model in the manufacturer’s range at the time. It was also the least expensive, serving as an entry-level Aston Martin.

Visual cues include a unique 2-headlight front clip with DB6-like grille. It was also the last Aston Martin to come equipped with wire wheels. Just 71 examples were built.

The Vantage was the last straight-6 Aston Martin until the 1993 DB7.

Assembly: Gaydon (United Kingdom)

Years of production: 1972—1973

Production: 71 units

Length: 4700 mm

Width: 1830 mm

Height: 1330 mm

Engine: 8 cylinders; 5341 cc

Power: 320 HP

Max speed: 275 km/h

Weight: 1588 kg

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