45 mm M1932 (19-K): Soviet anti-tank gun

45-mm anti-tank gun 19-K

The gun bearing factory designation 19-K was a combination of a modified carriage of the 1-K of 1930. The resulting light quarter-automatic anti-tank gun was discovered to be unsatisfactory due to low mobility and reliability problems, and after a series of modifications (including the arrest of the project’s chief designer on August 10, 1933, after several production defects were uncovered), was re-sent to army trials 26 December 1933.

The resulting semi-automatic improved version was known as 45 mm anti-tank gun M1934. These guns were deemed obsolete in 1937 and were replaced by the 45 mm anti-tank gun M1937 (53-K). The tank gun modification was still in use in the first stage of the German-Soviet War. M1932 guns captured by the Germans were given the designation 4.5 cm Pak 184(r).

Made in the USSR in 1937

Crew: 4 persons

Initial speed: 760 m/s

Transportation speed: < 40 km/h

Weight: 425 kg

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