Art & Tech Sogna concept car from 1991 with Lamborghini Countach engine (V12)

Power: 450 HP

Max. speed: 300 km/h


Lamborghini Countach V12, 3,929 cc (3.9 L)

Aluminium body


At the age of 13 Ryoji Yamazaki already dreamed about a super car, at age 41 he turned his dream into a reality by building the Sogna, which coincidentally means dream in Italian. Ryoji Yamazaki bought a Countach and mounted a totally different body made from aluminium, he also installed an interior finished in light grey leather into this legendary exotic. The dials on the dashboard pod were taken from the Lamborghini Countach too by the way.

Unveiled at the 1991 Geneva Auto Show the Art & Tech Sogna was intended to become a limited edition production model, priced at $1,600,000 back in 1991 the Sogna didn’t find a lot of interested buyers … in the end only one, fully functional Sogna was built, but a non-driving prototype also exists … so there are two Art & Tech Sogna in the world today.

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