The art exhibition “This is pop art” became one of the most visited in Andorra

26.09.2017   //  By:   //  All news, Culture

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The “This is ” became one of the most visited in Andorra – it was visited by more than 7,200 people. This is the second most attended exhibition after the opening of the Andorra Art Center (CAEE, Escaldes) in 2005. The most visited exhibition was “Star Wars”.

This exhibition was presented by more than 40 works by artists such as , , , and .

The collection belongs to a private collector, art critic Lola Duran. The success of the exhibition was largely ensured thanks to night excursions and lectures on pop art.

The next exhibition opens on 7th October. It will be devoted to products made of textiles and glass. Its opening coincides with the IX conference of art works from glass, which will be held in Escaldes on 7-8th October, 2017.