The Charioteer Tank, or FV4101 Tank, Medium Gun, Charioteer was a post-world-war II British armoured fighting vehicle. It was produced in the 1950s to up-gun units of the Royal Armoured Corps continuing to use the Cromwell tank during the early phases of the Cold War. The vehicle itself was a modified Cromwell with a more powerful gun installed in a relatively lightly armoured two-man turret.

Charioteer saw limited use with the British Army, but was used more extensively by overseas nations in Europe and the Middle East. Charioteers saw action in conflicts in the Middle-East.

Vadim Zadorozhny’s Museum of Equipment, Moscow

Years of production: 1952-1954

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Issued: 442 items

Weight: 28.5 t

Power: 600 hp

Speed: 50 km / h

Crew: 4 persons

Main armament: Ordnance QF 20 pounder

Secondary armament: Co-axial Browning .30

Engine: Rolls-Royce Meteor, 600 hp

Suspension Improved Christie

Manufacturer: Robinson and Kershaw Ltd, Dukinfield, Cheshire

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