Nicholas Astrov’s design team at Moscow Factory №37 was assigned the task of designing scout tanks in 1938.

Development of the T-60 began in the first days of the German invasion. The new tank was to be a stopgap measure to restock the heavy losses suffered by the tank corps while production lines of the heavier tanks like the T-34 or the KV-1 could not provide tanks of desired reliability in desired quantities.

Unlike its heavier siblings, the T-60 was designed to be produced on factories that did not have the machinery for dedicated tank production, such as the GAZ truck plant in Nizhny Novgorod, or the shipbuilding factory №264 in Stalingrad.

Country of origin: USSR

Years of production: 1941-1943

Crew: 2 persons

Issued: 5920 items

Weight: 5.8 t

Power: 70 HP

Speed: 42 km / h

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