Armenian Temple Complex in Moscow

The Armenian Temple Complex in Moscow is the residence of the Patriarchal Exarch, head of the Russian and Novo-Nakhichevan diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Operates since 2013. Located on the corner of Olympiyskiy Prospect and Trifonovskaya Street.

Due to the proximity of groundwater, the project had to be revised and for the greater stability of the buildings, several extensions from the side of Olimpiyskiy Prospekt were abandoned. The architect Artak Ghulyan became the author of the layout. The bas-reliefs on the walls were made by the sculptor Ashot Adamyan. Construction lasted seven years – until 2013.

On September 17, 2013, the solemn opening ceremony of the Armenian temple complex in Moscow occurred. Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, Catholicos Garegin II and Patriarch Kirill attended it.

The total area of the complex is 11,000 m². Its architectural dominance is the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord, the highest Armenian church in the world and the largest outside of Armenia: its height is 50 meters. It was built according to the classical canons of Armenian church architecture. The building is on a traditional stone stylobate, paved with granite and slabs.

Even though traditionally, Armenian churches are built with one dome, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord has five domes. Thus, it organically fits into the architectural appearance of Moscow and its churches.

The facades and parapets of the temple are finished with pinkish tuff. The floor is marble and granite. Outside and inside, the building is decorated with stone carvings with folk ornaments, khachkars, bas-relief images of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the apostles, common Christian and Armenian saints, angels, and birds.

The Armenian temple complex is considered one of the spiritual centers of the Armenians in Russia. Regular services have been held in the cathedral and chapel since 2013, and representatives of the Armenian diaspora in Moscow actively participate in parish life.

Thematic art programs, exhibitions dedicated to the cultural interaction between Armenia and Russia, meetings with officials, and commemorative events are held on the territory of the temple complex.

Nearest metro: Prospekt Mira, Novoslobodskaya.

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