Architects – a sculptural group by Alexander Taratynov

“Architects” – a sculptural group by Alexander Taratynov, installed in the Alexander Park of St. Petersburg in 2011. It is a composition of the figures of eight iconic architects for the city – Trezzini, Rossi, Montferrand, Thomas de Thomon, Rastrelli, Voronikhin, Bazhenov and Zakharov.

The main works of architects

Domenico Trezzini. One of the authors of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Karl Ivanovich Rossi — It is difficult to enumerate the masterpieces he created, in many respects, thanks to his efforts, the city acquired its unique look — this is the General Staff building, Senate and Synod, and much more.

Auguste Montferrand. The author of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the life work of an architect.

Jean-Francois Thomas de Thomon. He designed the spit of Vasilyevsky Island.

Bartolomeo Rastrelli. One of the most famous architects of St. Petersburg. He built the Winter Palace, the Smolny Monastery, etc.

Andrey Nikiforovich Voronikhin. His most famous creation is the Kazan Cathedral.

Vasily Ivanovich Bazhenov. He mainly worked in Moscow, in St. Petersburg – one of the authors of the Mikhailovsky Castle project.

Andreyan Dmitrievich Zakharov. Author of the Admiralty building.

The composition is part of the sculptural complex, which includes the sculptural group “Mini-Petersburg and the sculpture of the Apostle Peter (the author is the Trofimov Architectural Workshop).

Alexander Mikhailovich Taratynov – Soviet and Russian sculptor, author of many monumental works in different countries and cities of Russia.

In 1981 he graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V. I. Surikov (sculpture workshop of Professor L. E. Kerbel).

In 1997 he became a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts (Department of Sculpture).

In 2005 he received the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Lives and works in Moscow and the Netherlands.

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