Andronovka station (MCC) in Moscow

Andronovka is a stopping point of the Small Ring of the Moscow Railway, serving the route of the city electric train – the Moscow Central Circle (Moscow, Russia). It is located in the northern neck of the station of the same name, after which it received its name. The station, in turn, is named after the village of Andronovka, located two kilometers to the west, near the Spaso-Andronikov Monastery, near the Hammer and Sickle platform and the Ploshchad Ilyicha metro station. It was opened on September 10, 2016 with the start of passenger traffic of MCC electric trains.

It has a street transfer to the Andronovka railway platform of suburban electric trains of the Kazan and Ryazan directions of the Moscow Railways.

Of the 31 MCC stations, Andronovka ranks 20th in terms of popularity. In 2017, the average passenger traffic amounted to 13 thousand people per day and 396 thousand people per month.

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