Andreevsky Railway Bridge in Moscow

Andreevsky Railway Bridge – the bridge of the Small Ring of the Moscow Railway across the Moskva River in Moscow, within the boundaries of the Kanatchikovo station. The modern bridge was built in 1999-2000 near the place where the old Andreevsky (Sergievsky) railway bridge built in 1905-1907 located.

The base of the main arch of the old Andreevsky Bridge was used in the construction of the Pushkinsky Pedestrian Bridge.

Andreevsky (Sergievsky) and the same type Krasnoluzhsky railway bridges were built in 1905-1907 according to the designs of engineer L. D. Proskuryakov and architect A. N. Pomerantsev. During construction, the Andreevsky Bridge had one main span covered by a sickle-shaped arch 135 m long and 15.14 m high, and two coastal spans of 18 m each. Outside the arches, on consoles, pedestrian sidewalks were arranged. The abutments of the bridge rested on a foundation of wooden piles. Before the restructuring in 1999, they were still in excellent condition.

In 1937, the bank abutments were repaired and another side span was added from the side of the Frunzenskaya embankment.

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