Andorran MoraBanc reached an agreement on acquisition of Tressis – financial consulting company that has been working at Spanish market for 15 years

morabanc-addressOne of the five Andorran banks – MoraBanc – reached an agreement with shareholders of Tresis (financial consulting company that works at Spanish market) on acquisition of the company. It is a first trade of MoraBanc in Spanish financial sector. Earlier MoraBanc effected a deal on Spanish real estate market by buying into acquisition private dwelling CasaVicens in Barcelona. This house was built by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi and it is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As it said in MoraBanc’s formal statement, the acquisition of Tressis «will provide necessary facilities for promotion of the further growth of the bank».

MoraBanc intends to save the brand and the management group of Tressis. «This brand is well-known and respected on the Spanish market. We intend to strength its growth potential», – said the CEO of MoraBanc, Pedro Gonzalez. CEO of Tressis, in his turn, added that «appearance of MoraBanc among shareholders of Tressis is guarantying company’s success. The trade will not set back our further development in the field of independent asset management, along with an extension of consultants and agents network», – he summed up.

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