Andorran Government presented the results of the improvements implemented in the Employment Service (SO) in recent years

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The Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs, Xavier Espot Zamora, and the Head of the Employment Department of the Government of Andorra, Laura Vilella, presented on Monday the results of the improvements implemented in the Employment Service (SO) in recent years. The minister stressed that the project to improve and modernize the Employment Service in Andorra (Pyrenees) was intended to adapt it to the current situation and to the needs of the moment and to turn it into a more proactive service.

The improvements that have been implemented in recent years have reformed the service so that it is no longer just an intermediary, as it was in the beginning, but rather an accompanying body. Thus, in recent times mechanisms have been introduced to listen to the needs of business people and also to help job seekers train to adapt to the needs of the market.

First of all, the Employment Service has incorporated measures to speed up the procedures, so that from this Monday, both job offers by companies as well as job seekers’ pre-enrollment forms can be filled out online. Thus, time will be saved and it will be easier to facilitate contact with the Employment Service.

On the other hand, in 2017 the service of orientation and professional qualification was created to offer personalized attention to those who require it. Through this service, actions are planned to optimize the job search, evaluate profiles for competencies and identify the job training and occupational training needs that candidates have, to help them improve their preparation.

In this sense, since March 2017, 377 candidates used the services and 74% of those ended up being recruited, either through the Employment Service or by their own means.

Likewise, in the second quarter of 2018, the figure of the labor prospector has also been set up, which proactively approaches companies to identify profiles in the labor market. Since then, 285 visits have been made to companies and nearly one hundred job offers have been collected. This service affects very precisely the approach to the business sector in order to be able to prepare job seekers for the needs of the sector, and these requirements are also taken into account when preparing occupational training offered by the same Employment Service.

In fact, free training is another of the branches of the service that has been widely developed in the last months in order to improve the professional qualifications on offer and the capacity for insertion of job seekers. These training programs are divided into occupational training and job training, and in order to bring them closer to users, the online training catalog ( is available through which you can access all the training options offered by the service.

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