Andorra would finance the machines necessary to monitor glucose in patients with diabetes

Diabetic patients celebrate the extended health coverage of the CASS (National Health Insurance of Andorra).

The president of the Diabetics Association, Machu Jethani, believes that this will put Andorra (Pyrenees) at the forefront of healthcare.

Carles Álvarez, Minister of Health and Odile Sarroca presenting the new health coverage for diabetics. The announcement made by the Government of Andorra last week that from June 1 the CASS would finance the machines necessary to monitor glucose in patients with diabetes. Diabetics in Andorra celebrated this news, according to the president Madhu Jethani “we have been fighting for two years to achieve this”. Although she was still waiting for exact details of how the new system would work, she considered this announcement to be positive. She went on to say that “If Andorra wants to be at the forefront and become the smart city they say they want to be, then they must also invest in these things”. Madhu Jethani also remarked that this would give “a better quality of life to diabetics”. She pointed out that in France and Spain this service was already in use and that diabetics in Andorra were the only ones not to have this”.

The Government also announced that they were financing different glucose monitoring systems. These two monitoring systems are the continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) which measures glucose in real-time throughout the day and night with alerts for high or low glucose, and flash glucose monitoring which gives your glucose reading and trends when you scan your sensor. Patients aged seven and under who are on intensive insulin treatment, diabetic pregnant women and patients with severe hypoglycemia will be given the continuous glucose monitoring system for €10 a month. All those patients who are on intensive insulin treatment can choose the flash glucose monitoring for €12 a month (90% of cost is financed by the CASS).

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