Andorra welcomed the FWT-21 competition

Photo: FWT

Sunny skies and spring-like conditions welcomed the competition in Andorra today. Competition went down on Ordino Arcalís’ Port del Rat face, which proved the perfect playground for athletes to unleash their tricks.

Hedvig Wessel (NOR-1st Place) made it two consecutive wins in Andorra by launching an enormous backflip above some rocky terrain before pinning the rest of her run, following an intense fall-line approach.

Ross Tester (USA-1st Place) didn’t show any rookie nerves when he exited gates with some serious heat and delivered an express freestyle masterclass. Starting with a 360 to spin onto the FWT stage, he then stomped a huge air and finished off with a massive backflip to lock in the top spot in his first FWT competition.

Marion Haerty (FRA-1st Place) proved she is hungry for a fourth world title with an action-packed run to lock in the top spot. A big air out of the gates set the tone before launching multiple airs with pure class.

Cody Bramwell (GBR-1st Place) clinched victory in his first FWT competition, stomping a massive backflip above some serious exposure before pre-ollying a huge cliff down the bottom, tweaking out a double shifty mid-air.

Hedvig Wessel (NOR) – 86.67
Juliette Willmann (FRA) – 78.67
Maude Besse (SUI) – 69.33
Zuzanna Witych (POL) – 63.33
Tracy Chubb (USA) – 57.33
Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI) – NS
Olivia McNeill (CAN) – NS
Arianna Tricomi (ITA) – DNS

Ross Tester (USA) – 92.33
Maël Ollivier (FRA) – 89.00
Blake Marshall (NZL) – 83.00
Isaac Freeland (USA) – 81.67
Carl Regnér Eriksson (SWE) – 81.33
Aymar Navarro (SPA) – 80.33
Wadeck Gorak (FRA) – 80.00
Reine Barkered (SWE) – 79.33
Andrew Pollard (USA) – 76.67
Carl Renvall (SUI) – 75.00
Tom Peiffer (CAN) – 74.00
Yann Rausis (SUI) – 70.33
Drew Tabke (USA) – 68.33
Raymond McDermott (USA) – 67.00
Cooper Bathgate (CAN) – 63.33
Tao Kreibich (AUT) – 45.00
David Deliv (SWE) – 38.33
Dani Fornell-Prat (AND) – NS
Kristofer Turdell (SWE) – NS

Marion Haerty (FRA) – 84.00
Erika Vikander (USA) – 75.00
Katie Anderson (CAN) – 71.33
Manuela Mandl (AUT) – 69.67
Núria Castan Baron (SPA) – 61.33
Anna Orlova (RUS) – 52.33
Claire McGregor (NZL) – 36.33
Michaela Davis-Meehan (AUS) – 21.67

Cody Bramwell (GBR) – 85.00
Blake Moller (USA) – 83.33
Nils Mindnich (USA) – 76.67
Victor De Le Rue (FRA) – 71.67
Michael Mawn (USA) – 71.33
Hugo Serra (FRA) – 64.67
Camille Armand (FRA) – 51.67
Sammy Luebke (USA) – 45.33
Gigi Rüf (AUT) – DNS

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