Andorra: the second phase of confinement easing starts on Wednesday, 13th May

According to the Government of Andorra, the second phase of confinement includes:

· Extension of outings to two hours on alternate days or 1 hour each day.

· The practice of sports activities is extended, including non-risk mountain activities (hiking, running, fishing etc.).

· The night schedule for activities in urban spaces is extended from 19h to 22h.

· As for hiking or mountain running, it is not necessary to do it at a reserved time.

· However the time slot from 11h to 14h remains unchanged and must continue to be respected due to the vulnerability of people who go out in that time slot.

· In the same way, you are allowed to practice cycling on roads and mountains. The maximum distance of 2 km from the home is extended and it is possible to take a vehicle to travel to hiking or cycling trails.

· Professional athletes: Professionals in motorcycling, cycling, tennis and basketball, and Club Morabanc Andorra, will be relocated to more suitable facilities and training hours will be extended.

· Both ARA and federated scholarships competing internationally will be allowed to train and the training space will be adapted.

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